C.C.Supli – VitC.Collagen & Bird’s Nest 

C.C Supli is a Japanese health supplement drink that contains a potent formula mix

which helps to increase the youthfulness, quality and external appearance of a person’s skin. Comprising of Collagen derived from oceanic sources, Vitamin C and the highly desired Edible Bird’s nest, these key ingredients enable exceptional skin health and wellness on a daily basis.



Collagen is the most common type of protein in a person’s body. It’s basically the stuff that holds the entire body together and gives it structure. Collagen is most commonly found in the bones, skin, muscles, tendons and connective tissue within the body.

Why do we need Collagen?

Collagen is naturally found exclusively in animals, especially in the flesh of mammals. As a person ages, the production of Collagen slows and the skin becomes thinner and easier to damage. With reduced production levels, the need for external sources is required to supplement the body’s own levels.

Aside from providing the body its structure, Collagen also performs a range of important tasks.

Some of the key functions of Collagen include:

  • Reducing wrinkles from naturally aging skin
  • Assist in healing wounds
  • Help to regenerate tissue
  • Skin revitalization
  • Replacing dead cells
  • Prevents absorption of environmental toxins
  • Protects the skin’s structure by stopping the spreading of micro-organisms


Edible Birds Nest is among the most sought after and expensive Chinese delicacies. Made from the nests of Swiflet birds, this highly in-demand ingredient helps to promote younger looking skin by helping to eradicate facial lines. In addition because Edible Birds Nest is also high in protein, it helps with the body’s production of Collagen (where we learned earlier on, decreases over time as we age).

The key functions of Edible Birds Nest include:

  • Boosting the immune system
  • Strengthens respiratory functions
  • Repair skin cells and tissue
  • Rejuvenate and restore youthfulness
  • Make skin glow and look healthy


Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that is required daily to perform a number of key functions in order to keep a person’s body operating efficiently. It is normally found naturally in foods like fruits and vegetables, and is also added to certain foods and beverages to enhance their nutritional value. As Vitamin C is not produced by the body, it needs to be consumed from external sources on a daily basis.

The key functions of Vitamin C include the following:

  • To maintain the normal functions of cells and organs.
  • To help the formation of collagen
  • To help protect against damage by free radicals in the body.
  • To help reduce tiredness and fatigue.
  • To help strengthen the immune system by ensuring regular production of white blood cells
  • To counter balance a poor diet
  • To reduce damage of social activities such as smoking and alcohol consumption


The amount of collagen consumption per day varies significantly depending on a person’s age and condition, but it is recommended that 2 sachets of C.C Supli should be taken per day for maximum effect on supplementing the body’s collagen levels.

Unless a person’s diet is tailored only to specific types of food, (e.g. completely meat based), it is not likely possible to obtain enough collagen from just diet alone.

C.C Supli health drink can be taken and enjoyed anytime of the day, but general studies indicate that the best time to take the product is at night before bed, as during sleep, the body works to repair itself when we are resting.

Each person is different and results will vary depending on their age, body condition and diet etc, but many users experience noticeable improvements after consecutively having it for 6-8 weeks.

Continued use of C.C Supli will enable the user to have brighter and more healthy skin, as the product is intended to help boost the body’s natural production of collagen.

Collagen levels generally decrease in a person’s body as they age. The typical period people start using an a collagen supplement drink like C.C Supli is around 30+ years old, when the signs of aging skin appear, but many get a head start on the collagen decline by adding dietary collagen in their 20’s.